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Sorisha Naidoo
(radio and television personality)

Perfect skin has always been a huge priority for me, being a former beauty queen as well as a radio and television personality means that I am always under pressure to look my best. For the last two years I have been searching for a product will give me flawless and even toned skin. I tried several products from around the world and Pure Perfect worked the best for me, it was safe, worked quickly and naturally and now I love my new skin. You can have "perfectly you" skin between 5 and 15 days. Pure Perfect was developed 12 years ago by a cosmetologist in the United States; some of her clients were using potentially harmful, over-the-counter skin lighteners. That’s when her brainchild was born: she would develop a line of natural products that would safely address colour problems, discolouration, scarring, and other skin blemishes. She started collecting natural ingredients and combining them, drawing on her training and years of experience as a cosmetologist and esthetician. She gave samples to her clients free of charge. To her delight and surprise, they were impressed and kept coming back. She continued improving her formula. Soon, she had a huge clientele using her products and demanding more. She chose skin care service as the first approach to educate her clients about the importance of good skin care habits and the danger of products containing harmful ingredients and the long term effects they may have on your skin. Today, we bring you the revolutionary, Pure Perfect Signature Line. These are the only products we know of that will successfully lighten your skin in record time, to the level of colour you choose, and keep it smooth, soft, and supple every day you use Pure Perfect products. Today, Pure Perfect has a worldwide client base and reputation for its ability to repair, nourish and lighten the skin all over your body, and not just your face or hands. My favourite part is leaving home without a stitch of make-up.